Resistor Color Codes:

 Competition Electrical Test:

  1. Disconnect battery
  2. Turn Main Breaker to “ON”.
  3. Set your digital multimeter to read ohms.
  4. Connect one probe to the robot frame.
  5. Connect other probe to the positive terminal of the Power Distribution Board.
  6. Note that reading is greater than 100K ohms.
  7. Move probe from positive terminal to negative terminal of the PD.
  8. Repeat step 6.
  9. Repeat steps 4-8 for other sections of the robot frame.
  10. Remove probes and turn Main Breaker “OFF”.

If any measurements are well below 100K ohms, suspect a pinched wire, a wire strand between two terminals on any electrical component or the PD. If any measurements are below 100K ohms, check for insulation on CRio chassis and camera(s) chassis. The Crio chassis and camera metallic case are electrically bonded to the common (negative lead) of the power supply. A very low reading on the negative terminal of the PD is likely one of these two components. COTS sensors of the KOP senor boards may also produce the same results if not properly insulated. A low reading on the positive terminal can be isolated by selectively pulling out the breakers until the reading returns to normal. The circuit protected by that breaker will contain the problem.

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