Team Tators is proud to present the Mentors who give so much to support the Team.

Mark Wibbels – Lead Mentor and Coach

  • HP continues to support Mark and the team
  • Mentor since 2007

Jess Tate – Electrical Lead Mentor

  • Micron Technology supports Jess in his work with the team as a DRAM Product Engineer
  • Mentor since 2013


Cooper Urie – Programming Lead Mentor

  • HP supports  Cooper, a Software Architect with the team.
  • Mentor since 2010


Stuart King – Scouting Lead Mentor

  • West Junior High, BSD., Biology, Physical Science, Computer Technology
  • Mentor since 2010

Mark Hirst – Electrical Mentor

  • HP Electrical Engineer/Power Architect
  • Mentor since 2008

Scott Stoller – Electrical/Mechanical Mentor

  • Micron Technology supports Scott in his work with the team as an Electrical Engineer working in Flash Memory.
  • Mentor since 2014
  • And proud alumnus of FRC Team 2468

Doug Batten – Mechanical Mentor

  • HP Mechanical Engineer/System Architect
  • Mentor since 2017

Ray Brown – Mechanical Mentor

  • HP model maker by day, extraordinary builder by night
  • Mentor since 2007

Bob Lawton – Mechanical Mentor

  • HP Mechanical Engineer retired
  • Entrepreneur and educator
  • Mentor since 2009 (with a couple of sabbaticals thrown in)

Mike MacLean – Mechanical Mentor

  • Oracle of Delphi
  • Mentor since 2011


Hector Rodriguez-Aviles – Programming Mentor

  • HP Engineer/Programmer
  • Mentor since 2009 (with a couple years off for good behavior)



Darin Wells – Programming Mentor


Kip Sikes – Scouting Mentor

  • Retired from Idaho Power 2013 as Operations Analysis and Development Manager, in order to do humanitarian work and train others, and volunteer with i-61 Ministries.
  • I am a PE (electrical – power emphasis), but have worn many hats in my career(s), so I guess a simple “retired” is sufficient.
  • Mentor since 2017

Stephen Skogsberg – Web and Social Media Mentor

  • Works at Ultimate Software Group, Inc since 2005 as a System Architect
  • Has been working with the team since 2015




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